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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Food is not only man's prerequisite for survival; it has become his luxury, pride and joy. And though its function is as basic as filling an empty stomach, its value transcends beyond merely being spared from hunger; food provides delight and satisfaction to the one who savours its many flavours. For the outstanding restaurateur who inspects the every detail of his food haven, every single commercial restaurant equipment, dining utensil, and interior design contributes significantly to the success of his enterprise. He does not merely settle for the good restaurant supplier, he partners with the best restaurant supplier with the best and total commercial restaurant equipment solution. Truly, for a food merchant, quality investments start from quality tools, which would certainly yield quality results.

In this case, Shortorder is available and easily accessible. The company is one of the leading dealers of commercial restaurant equipment; it promises the best products from the best brands at lowest prices guaranteed and with free freight! When one visits the site, he is presented with the complete and total solution to his kitchen needs.

First, the site has ten primary vertical tabs: Ice Machines, Refrigerators, Cooking Machines, Prep / Work Tables, Sinks / Dishwashing, Coffee / Tea / Beverage, Warming / Holding, Bar Equipment, Small Appliances and Carts / Shelving / Racks. One can also notice the Top 10 Reasons for buying in the company, the Clearance Products section which has the discounted products, the Buyer Guides as well as special product videos demonstrating the equipment in action.

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Second, Shortorder has comprehensive and fully-detailed product specifications, for each product identifying the product brand and the brand's status in the industry. Editor's ratings as well as customer reviews are provided to help you with your evaluation process. Each product category includes many other category-specific tabs, from Undercounter Refrigeration to Fryers, Glass Chillers and Blenders.

Third, the site also listed the top reasons why they are the best for the restaurateur's solution needs: they have the best trained sales consultants and trained customer services personnel. What's more, they have established a good reputation for over 20 years, offering 3000 quality items from more than 50 brands online, low prices and free shipping and certified food service professionals for design/build needs.

Fourth, if the above three items are not enough to satiate the restaurateur's appetite for the best kitchen tools, Shortorder not only provides the means for customer service through their phone contact but also a live chat feature for the customers' concerns and inquiries.

True enough, a great restaurant does not only serve great food and great ambiance; a great restaurant is all about the great dining experience of the customer, with not only their appetites filled but their delight also achieved. And true enough, a great restaurateur does not only think about how to offer great food and a great place to eat, but also how to get the right commercial restaurant equipment.